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Amethyst admits women, children, and families to our programs on an ongoing basis.

If you're unsure if our treatment program is right for you, or to find out if you qualify for one of our programs, please schedule an appointment with one of our assessment counselors by calling 614-242-1284.


Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment includes holistic treatment for addiction, mental health and trauma for clients living in safe housing that is supported by Amethyst. Intensive outpatient treatment services are provided Monday-Friday with other supports in place after hours. Every service offered at Amethyst is delivered by licensed/certified clinicians and is informed by evidence-based practices.

IOP services include:
  1. Intensive Case Management
  2. Individual Counseling for Addiction, Mental Health, and Trauma
  3. Group Psychoeducation and Treatment
  4. Employment Services
  5. Medical Services
  6. Child Programming and Services

The Amethyst Safety, Treatment and Recovery (S.T.A.R.) Program is an outpatient addiction recovery program for women from all walks of life. No matter a woman's background, her financial history, or her readiness for a treatment program, S.T.A.R. can help.


Amethyst designed S.T.A.R. services to provide gender-specific and trauma-informed treatment for individuals on an outpatient basis. Our counselors walk clients through their concerns and guide them in making treatment choices that will positively impact their life, health, and wellness.

S.T.A.R. services include:
  1. Comprehensive assessment and evaluation to determine specific recovery needs
  2. Individual and group counseling to develop a community of support
  3. Psychoeducational classes to help develop skills for dealing with safety risks inherent to alcohol and other drug use
  4. Trauma therapy and counseling to help process and cope with psychological barriers left behind by abuse and violence
  5. Aftercare services plan, including referrals for psychiatric treatment and a primary healthcare provider

The Recovery House exists to help women transition back into independent living by providing a safe and sober community living environment.

Application process:
  1. Complete application
  2. Submit required documentation
  3. Attend scheduled interview
  4. Conditional acceptance